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Hello world!!!

My name is Justin and I’m starting this blog simply because I get a lot of thoughts about God, about who we are to Him, about my responsibility to share this information and I find myself writing about these things…much more eloquently then I have ever been able to say them.

I titled this blog Gospel 911 because I think the “Good News” has been so quenched and mixed with man’s works and traditions to the point that people that have been fed a “pseudo gospel” of some form or the other from various movements and denominations of the church are still living in sin, with no victory and no freedom! We long for the power and authority over sin, yet we still struggle and are defeated when we constantly give in to our temptations.

And ummm….I didn’t realize until after I titled the blog that the number 911 is only the phone number for emergency in the U.S. and Canada…as I’m sure people from all over the world will want to read this blog and wonder why the number 911?! 😉

The Gospel that Paul preached is not the Gospel we hear today, unfortunately. The Law of Moses from the Old Testament, with which most Christians agree we’re not under anymore, is still in full effect! It has just been dressed up to fit New Testament language and “theology” a little better, but it still thrives and keeps God’s children in bondage.

Anyhow…I’d love to share the revelation I believe God has been opening my eyes to recently and I’m sure you’ll agree we need the real Gospel and we need it like we need a defibrillator to jolt our hearts back into life!!

I can hardly wait to share this journey with whoever has the inclination to join me!