About the Author

There’s not much more to me other than the fact that I’m a child of the Most High God, realizing that I have a lot of questions for my Daddy that I’m getting answers to…albeit sometimes much slower than I’d like them.   I am excited to share with you, my brothers and sisters, whatever our Father shares with me.

I know that every member of the human race is a child of God and personally believe that our Father will not let anyone be tortured in hell forever.  I feel it in my heart, although I know that the Bible seems to contradict that at times…I know that if the best earthly father wouldn’t dream of letting their child suffer for any amount of time if it was in their control, that our heavenly Father, having ultimate control and infinite love for us, would not allow us to suffer for any reason either.  He may allow temporary sufferings to help refine us or teach us something about life…but only that which will draw us closer to Him.

What I do for a living, what my interests are, what educational background I have, etc…what does any of that matter?  Those things are not my identity.  My identity is who I am in our Father…the apple of His eye, His child, and the object of His affection.

As I dig deeper into this revelation, I hope to bring you with me to understand how loved you are by our Father and how that love should impact our lives.


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