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God Loves Everyone in the Adult Entertainment Industry

Sport Fucking.








Sex Orgies.



These guys are probably just a few of the initial descriptions that can come to mind when one mentions adult entertainment. In this case, I’m using adult entertainment in an extremely broad sense that encompasses pornography, prostitution, sex trades, strip clubs, pimping, and adult magazines. Now, I must immediately throw out the forthright disclaimer that this blog is not about, in any way, shape or form, sin or me pointing fingers at individual people or corroborating some poor, recycled Christian argument that aims to make you ‘repent’ by feeling worse off.


This post will sincerely be about Grace and Love, about Acceptance and Restoration, about Forgiveness and Hope.

This post will be about a loving Jesus that faithfully welcomes, continually desires, and ferociously craves all people, regardless of what they ever did, are doing, or will do.

This post is about beautifully valued people who are still worth all the eternities to God.

For quite some time, I have held my mouth shut on many controversial topics and just found it so much easier and more fun to just love on people. Apart from that, I felt like cranking out the old chatterbox so here I am chatting…er typing…away.

I guess to have some sort of a grid on where I am coming from and how I arrived in my particular thought processing, I would definitely encourage you to read The Real Charlie (my first blog that may help explain some of my musings) when you have the time.

As I have already said, this post isn’t directed towards sin, sins, or sinning. I am not here to call out every male and female that watches a porno or has the urge to go into the jungle and dance with the anaconda or explore the cave. I am not going to say how evil sex is or how the adult entertainment industry wouldn’t exist if women just put on more layers of unattractive clothing on or if Christians prayed more for celibacy, abstinence, and purity rings to work.

Bump all that.

I’ve done the whole ‘True Love Waits’ ceremony. It doesn’t work! It’s just Christianity’s way of pointing you to your strength and ability to keep yourself away from premarital sex, “lustful” thoughts, and “sexually immoral” behaviors. Eh.

I get it. Sex is a Juggernaut within our society and within our media. It’s rampant almost everywhere you go, whether you are surfing the Web or surfing certain parts of the streets late at night.

I’m very well aware of the women that strip for money to make ends meet; or the men that pay women or men to have sex with them; or the men that slyly persuade or undeniably force a girl or woman into the sex industry; or the men and women that create sets for pornos and film other men and women performing more physically rigorous, demanding, and taxing sex scenes; or the girls that think sex is all they are good at; or guys that think the only sense of true intimacy and pleasure comes through a couple of HD screens and printed color pages; or people that believe there is zero glimpses of hope outside of the adult entertainment industry and sex, however sold, is their only contribution to the world.

Yet, this isn’t what bugs me most.

What bugs me most is knowing that these people are still people but aren’t talked about, described as, or treated like people. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that much of what’s done all in the name of business and entertainment is harmful and damaging and often dehumanizing to the participators and managers, as well as the viewers. But I can’t help but remember and reflect upon Jesus on the Cross.

His death was the loudest statement that said to every person on this planet, prior and after His death, “I will love you unconditionally and hold nothing against you regardless of what you do, still wanting you to know that you are beautiful and are incapable of losing value in My sight.”

This post is about the offensively permanent, scandalously greasy Love of God for all of His children. This is about a happy Father that longs to love His most cherished and prized possession and extend the highest praises of adoration in her favor. This is about a giddy Lover that hurts when He sees His Boo Thang hurt, but is still wanting to assure her that He’s not disappointed in Her though He disagrees with her harmful choices. This is about a God that came in the Jewish flesh of Jesus to touch His creation, hold His creation, kiss His creation, lay upon His creation, wash the feet of His creation, serve His creation, all the while showing that it was His deepest joy to get up and personal, be honestly involved, unashamedly physical.

To the stripper, no matter your reasoning for stripping or your current age, you are my sister and I love you so much. I wish you could hear the tremors of my voice physically tell you this but I really, wholly, legitimately love you. I can’t wait to be the crazily insane, yet lovingly affectionate, friend and brother for you that shows you how worth it and amazing you are, that you aren’t valuable because you know how to work a pole, have plump breasts or a nice, firm ass. I wish, if financial issues were the sole reason why you were perhaps trying to make ends meet or save up money for whatever reason, I could help out as many of you gals financially as possible. You aren’t dirty or beneath a woman because you strip. You aren’t less elegant or classy because you strip. Simply put, you are my sister and Dad’s daughter. You are elegant, classy, and made with the best stuff eternity has to offer because He says so.

To those that attend strip clubs and gentlemen clubs, you are just worthy. God isn’t angry at you, hoping you clean yourself, feel guilty, and finally enroll in a church to be saved or made right. I promise, He still loves and likes you. His infatuation for you and your romantic and creative ways has not been ceased. Above so many things, He wants you to know that He still is for you and loves you in this very moment and equally in the moments you are in the strip clubs tossing out cash. He proudly declares you His child and beloved.

To the beauties that prostitute, you still possess an illuminating purity that cannot be lost or destroyed. No matter how many people you sleep with or slept with, were disposed of like a rag doll, or abandoned because you appeared worthless, Jesus still looks you in the eye and recognizes a sharp, irreplaceable, and remarkable jewel unfathomable to the untamed eye. You are still His everything and His decree has always been you were worth it. I await the days I get to hold you cuties in my own arms and either introduce you to what it feels like to be caressed in an embrace of security and safety or reintroduce you to what it feels like to be caressed an embrace of security and safety.

To those that sleep with prostitutes, you, too, are worth it, worth dying for, worth living with, worth being around, worth bragging about, worth putting everything on the line for. You aren’t a monster though you probably have done some seemingly monstrous and unforgiving things. Dad looks at you with a thick raging fire in His eyes and knows that you aren’t a being of conditions, evil, and destruction but of love, good, and restoration. Despite the times feeling the desire to fulfill a particular sexual or emotional need, even at the expanse of paying for sex, Jesus still has no reason to condemn or judge you. And what’s even funnier was that He was still there with you and near you, speaking softly to your soul and reminding you that you were far greater than you could even comprehend. He still accepts all of you without any hesitation.

To all those in the porn industry, you still belong to Him. Daddy’s heart is not set on repaying you back with an STI, a broken heart, or a life filled with trouble, paranoia, and distress. He has given you abundance and desires you live from that given abundance with reckless abandonment to empower and love those around you. Those kiddie dreams you were told to give up on and replace with more ‘adult like’ passions and perspectives, let them breathe again and become the reality your heart was set to before the numbing came. You are still clean. You aren’t some filthy leper that deserves to be shunned away by society or any scoffing holy roller. It matters not how many times you have orally gone down on a man or a woman, how many times you had to have sex with multiple partners, how many times you were asked to perform uncomfortable and harmful sex stunts (or suggested these stunts) to make a scene more graphic and alluring, or how many times you had to take some sort of sexual enhancement drug to increase and prolong stamina and performance, I can’t wait to drown your forehead with sloppy agape kisses, hug you tightly, and kick it with you. You are innocent beyond wonder.

To those who watch porn and masturbate, seeking intimacy, relationship, friendship, or romance from the sexual positions and encounters of others, seek it not externally but internally where the fullness of intimacy, relationship, friendship, and romance abide — within you. You are the abode of what you are looking for. You aren’t a pervert or a “sick fuck.” Jesus still wants to laugh with you and learn more about how awesome you are and how awesome He believes you are. He still doesn’t mind putting His hand around you after you watched pornography or holding your hands after you have just masturbated. He doesn’t glare at you with eyes of disgust and impatience. He looks at you in wonder and says, “I can’t get enough of your presence. It’s okay if you mess up or feel you messed up. I’m here you and I’m not leaving. We are in this together.”

Whether it be the world of stripping, pimping, prostitution, or pornography, your world is incapable of being  too dark, too far gone, too “unholy” for God to turn away from. He aches at what He sees his children put themselves through when there is so much liberation, joy, happiness, peace, and breathing with their name on it. He aches when He sees His babies shackle one another and themselves by the neck, wrists, and ankles to illusory chains with real suffocating consequences. Yet, He smiles still knowing that they are beautiful, captivating, jaw-dropping, and knee-wrenching. He doesn’t care what they do in the sense that it doesn’t alter His perception of how He views them but He does care in the way that He’s knowledgeable of the effects certain decisions will have on their and other’s lives.

No, I don’t agree with probably 100% of the things that go down in the Adult Entertainment Industry. But I do know that all those people are worth it. Have they done crumby things seemingly worse than others? Grace. Have a lot of people been hurt from this  business? Love. Have marriages and relationships been shattered because of unhealthy and uncontrollable addictions? Reconciliation.

I am not tossing out the hurts people have experienced or the families that have been psychologically, physically, and emotionally trashed because of the grips of such a clawing beast. But I am saying Love can do and undo things anger, bitterness, and resentment could never do.

God’s mind is made up about these guys: They are worth it. And I agree with Him.