The Magnificence of the Gospel

Hey there amazing, holy, righteous, dazzling, stupendous loving family! My name is Charles and I am a new addition here to Gospel911. My bro Justin opened up his blog to me so I could open my heart to others and I am completely honored to share with you what Daddy has been sharing with me.

Before I start getting off into my first blog, I want to tell you a little about myself.

I. Love. the. Gospel! The beauty of this unchanging and eternal message has utterly ruined me. My script has been flipped for good. I am still trying to juggle the gorgeous realities and revelations that He constantly enables me to enjoy and see. I no longer regard any man after the flesh, after any false identities, or after any labels. All I see I is Christ, a world that was exposed as right-side up, my family made in the spitting image and likeness of Papa God! It’s beautiful.

I also am a dance fanatic. I am dead serious. I really enjoy the freedom that is compatible with dance. If you ever see me in person, I guarantee you’ll see me busting a move at one point or another.

Writing is surely one of my top preferences and mediums in sharing the Gospel or loving on people. But there is nothing like face-to-face, lovely gushy fellowship! That’s my favorite.

Enough about me and my random quirks for this and that.

The Magnificence of the Gospel.

Even the word “magnificence” is an understatement (like any other word) in trying to describe the awesomeness of the Gospel. What God, through and as Christ, accomplished on the Cross is the Finale of all finales, the Grand Slam of all grand slams, and the Yes of all yeses. There wasn’t a time in eternity when God was not thinking about you, anticipating the moment when you would physically manifest and be born before His attentive, star-struck eyes. The victory and success of what Jesus  fulfilled on the Cross screams of Daddy’s made up mind for you and every possible person that would graze the earth.

Now that that’s settled and this limitless Truth has been established, time to switch gears just a bit. The next few things you read may be a bit challenging. Another thing I forgot to mention about myself is that I don’t mind being blatantly transparent, real, and to the point. I have no need to beat around the bush or cut around the hedges. BOOM! Buckle up because there is a strong possibility that your mind might be stretched to the mind of Christ that you already possess. If you don’t initially agree with all that I write this current moment, I am totally okay with that and so is Daddy. Regardless of disagreements, we are still 100% family and still 100% His!

Being brought up in the church, I was unknowingly placed under a skewed mentality of us versus them, in versus out, saved versus unsaved. This very mentality continually tainted my outlook on unconditionally loving people and seeing them as how God sees them: His children. It was difficult for me to look at the homosexual, bisexual, transgender or gay without judging them not just apart from their behavior but literally. And if you cussed around my virgin ears and were a believer, I would be quick and nimble to ask if you could be careful with your tongue because to my knowledge, cussing was a sin. I was also the swift, sincere little Pharisee that would prove why Christians shouldn’t get tattoos or drink occasional glasses of wine or have a beer here and there because our bodies are temples and we want to present them as holy and living sacrifices unto God.

In essence, I hadn’t heard the Gospel. I learned Churchinese thoroughly, spoke in tongues, was aware of the spiritual realm and knew what I was taught pretty well. Aside from that, I had no clue what it looked like to love the “sinners” unconditionally for simply who they were. My mind was so clouded by the illusory wall of church|world that my common response was judgement, condemnation, or indifference. But Daddy has surely revealed to me His Goodness and His eternal Good News and it is this same Goodness and Good News that segues into the main course of this blog.

If we ever believe or agree that some people deserve less love than others, we indeed have an issue. The prostitute, the abusive man (or wife), the pimp, the pedophile, the serial killer, the homosexual, the young lady who had an abortion, the porn addict, the theif, the unfatithful spouse, the young pregnant teen, the racist, the peeping tom is of NO LESSER VALUE than the next.

For many believers, Grace, Love, and Mercy are beautifully flowered topics to talk and write about, but when it comes to extending them towards others, their brothers and sisters, Grace, Love, and Mercy immediately become the most conditionally choked gifts known to man. There is a natural tendency for us to have much more sympathy for the victim who was hurt, afflicted, put through pain or whatever else and I get that. On the other hand, however, the person who caused or initiated these states upon the victim is looked upon according to the behavior compatible with a false identity and usually treated like the scum of the earth.

One Word: Conditional

Now, this perception would make complete sense…if I were still looking at my fellow brothers and sisters through a broken, distorted frame of  judgment and fallenness, or as Paul would say, “after the flesh.” As soon as we think that the spouse that commits adultery, the person that goes on a rampant killing spree, the kid who steals money for drugs, the pregnant teen girl getting an abortion, the physically and emotionally abusive parent deserves less Grace, Love, and Mercy, we have stepped into partiality USA. Let me be clear: I am not condoning their actions that align with an already, nailed-to-the-Cross false identity but I am also not condemning them because neither does Dad.

As far as Christ is concerned, He still sees HIS child made in HIS image and in HIS likeness. The beauty of Jesus is that He represented, died for, and died as Humanity just as Adam represented and corrupted that same Humanity. But O’, how much more glorious was the second (and LAST) Adam that came and stood for Humanity, as Humanity, because of Humanity.

These lovely people that operate out of hurt, pain, ignorance, anger or hate do not or may not know what Christ has already completed for them on the Cross for free, that He considers them righteous, holy, spotless, blameless, and my favorite, INNOCENT! These awesome people have in NO WAY lost value to the Creator of the Universe. If we so faithfully and cheerfully label individuals in categories of deviant, crazy, evil, castaways, hopeless, helpless, useless, then that’s what they will manifest and that’s what we will continually see. Yes, actions still produce outcomes and causes still have effects, but what Christ has done significantly overrides what “offenses” or “crimes” any person has committed. Performance, whether contrary to our nature in Him or to get to Him, is futile. God loves them unconditionally and has already forgiven them; they just don’t know it yet. Now, I know this may sound a bit offensive and if you feel a bit of anger possibly rising up, it is strongly possible that you haven’t heard the  pure, untainted, life-changing Gospel. With that being said, I encourage you to hear the scandalous Grace of the Good News, that we have been co-crucified, co-buried, and co-resurrected with Life and Love Himself.

Jesus didn’t die for Christians, He died for the world. He didn’t die for churchgoers, He died for the world. He didn’t die for believers who believed the same doctrine, He died for the world. For every single person that has touched this earth, that is on this earth, and that has yet to touch this earth. The Gospel is FANTABULOUS news for everyone at every moment.


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